wireless speakers

The world’s first wireless high-end speakers

The highly acclaimed wireless Xeo speakers from Dynaudio are now available for online orders. Select the compact yet powerful Xeo 3 or the larger, floor-standing Xeo 5.

Wireless freedom

The Xeo is an extremely versatile speaker. Connect the device of your choice to the transmitter and enjoy the freedom of wireless music as a radio signal sends sound to the speakers in a quality that outshines any cable.

The speakers feature built-in amplifiers so all you need to enjoy the music is to hook up the power cable. And with the accompanying remote control, you’re free to control input source and volume.

Supreme Quality of Sound

Xeo is made by Dynaudio, one of the most exclusive audio manufacturers in the world. Using only the best materials and constantly pushing the technological boundaries, Dynaudio is dedicated to creating the most authentic quality of sound.

But don’t just take our word for it. Book a live demo and hear Xeo in action or have a look at the reviews and experience what wireless speakers can really sound like.

Connectivity Made Easy

Setting up the Xeo couldn’t be easier. Connect the input source of your choice to the transmitter, turn the speakers on, and enjoy the music. With room for four individual sources in the Xeo transmitter, full flexibility is guaranteed.

Any analogue or digital source can be connected to the transmitter. There is no software needed and no setup required. This is truly plug and play functionality.

A world leader in high-end audio

A world leader in high-end audio

For more than 35 years, Dynaudio has crafted world-class speakers for both professional and home use. Constantly pushing the technological boundaries in the search for the most authentic sound quality.

Our speakers are made using only the very best materials available and carefully assembled by hand in Denmark. The result is evident. Superb sound that resembles the real-life music experience to a degree you’ve never heard before.

At Dynaudio we’re proud of our long heritage in the audio industry. We’re excited that our products continuously are reviewed as best in class. And we’re not least thankful for our large and loyal customer base.